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We are a Ministry of Deliverance and Inner Healing believing that God desires to heal men and women, setting them free from deep embedded wounds in their soul. Our mission, in one sentence, is to offer the plan of salvation, healing, deliverance and discipleship, thereby equipping them to prepare for their greatest journey from captivity to freedom.

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God transformed Bonjie’s life in 1982, where she was emotionally wounded by things that happened in her life. God began to give her a vision to start an Inner Healing and Deliverance School based upon her journey, she wrote a 21 week mentoring course.

A Journey from Captivity to Freedom

The main thrust of her ministry is to teach people how to be healed from shame based thinking. This course will teach you how to partner with God for a breakthrough, and how to get rid of shame and toxic guilt. You will learn how to set healthy bounderies, break unhealthy soul ties, and forgive others that have hurt and wounded you.

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Kingdom Revolution Introduction

  Over 200 years ago, a man by the name of Paul Revere sounded an alarm; saying: “The British are coming!” This was an alarm prompting the colonists to arise and confront tyranny by proclaiming, “The British are coming!” Revere took stock of the situation around him. As others struggled, he sensed that his own livelihood could soon be affected unless issues with the British were soon addressed. During the war, Paul Revere wore many different hats, and he became much respected for his work and he involved himself in the chaos that was bringing danger to those around him. As tensions between the colonies and the British deepened, Revere would spy on British soldiers and report on their movement. It was his ride on April 18, 1775, that etched his name into history, where at ten’ o clock that night Revere rode to Lexington to warn John Hancock and Samuel Adams of the approaching British, and with it, came the war or what we know to be the American Revolution. We know more than ever, especially if you watch the media, and the White House, Christians are in a spiritual war for freedom. Evil spirits are attacking our Christian beliefs and values on every side of these spiritual wars. We see kingdom against kingdom, culture against culture, values against values, truth against lies, and seductions, man-made false beliefs and light against darkness through worldwide views. They pass through the hierarchy from men to men that in turn will be passed to others. But the truth of the matter is when we pull back the curtain, we understand the true warfare is the battle against God and His Kingdom fueled by the hatred of Satan and his kingdom.

  Yet similar to the AMERICAN REVOLUTION; God wants to start a KINGDOM REVOLUTION in our life. There are so many in the Body of Christ, who have just given up, and they’re not believing for a breakthrough–or they are just waiting for it to fall in their lap. We think we’re waiting on God, but really, He’s waiting on us to finish our end of obedience. When we get serious about making the necessary adjustments in our life, then we’re preparing a place for God to manifest HIS KINGDOM GLORY!

  We hear a lot about reformation and revolution. What is the difference between the two? A REFORMATION improves the status quo, but a REVOLUTIONIST overthrows the status quo. Reformers gradually bring change by modifying the status quo in new ways; but a revolutionist disrupts and overthrows status quo never to return to the old way of thinking. THAT IS WHAT WE MEAN BY A KINGDOM REVOLUTION. A KINGDOM REVOLUTION means a forcible overthrow of an OLD WAY OF THINKING INTO A BRAND-NEW WAY. Therefore, as we stand in our kingdom liberty, we are a part of that KINGDOM REVOLUTION that never returns to the ‘OLD WAY OF THINKING’ but allows the Spirit of God to completely revolutionize us!

  Isaiah 43: 18-19 says, “Do not call to mind the former things, or ponder things of the past. Behold, I will do something new, Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, rivers in the desert.” As a believer in Christ, you are part of that KINGDOM REVOLUTION that never returns to the ‘OLD YOU’ but allows the Spirit of God to completely ‘REVOLUTIONIZE’ you! Without Christ, none can be free and without His overcoming resurrection power to break the chains of tyranny, none of us could be liberated. THEREFORE our hope is completely in Him, and Him alone.

  You may even wonder how does this apply to you today? Which brings me to the reason for writing this book. Hidden in the pages of this BOOK you will see the unfolding of a KINGDOM REVOLUTION: BIRTHING THE TRUE SONS OF GOD IN THE EARTH; and guess what? No man will take credit for this KINGDOM REVOLUTION because it’s ALL GOD AND NOT MAN’S ACCOMPLISHMENT.

  Therefore God is calling HIS PAUL REVERES to ARISE in this DARK HOUR AND SOUND THE ALARM to bring about A KINGDOM REVOLUTION! This is an APPOINTED TIME FOR A PARADIGM SHIFT IN THE EKKLESIA for the 21st century prophetic Paul Reveres to rise up to sound an alarm. God’s Word says that all creation is groaning as it awaits for the revealing of the TRUE Sons of God. Son ship is so important that all creation is presently crying out for the manifestation of the mature sons of God This is a pivotal time for the revealing of the Sons of God to manifest and be awakened in their purpose (Romans 8:14-25).

We live in an exciting time to see the greatest REVOLUTION we’ve ever seen before in the body of Christ. We are about to tear down the KINGDOM OF DARKNESS TO RELEASE THE KINGDOM OF GOD IN THE EARTH THAT WILL REVEAL WHO THE TRUE SONS OF GOD ARE. God is doing this so that we can walk in the full expression of what He is releasing on the earth today. God is bringing us into a greater intensity because He is taking the church into a higher level of warfare, requiring us to know mysteries we’ve never seen before. There are some hidden mysteries that we haven’t tapped into yet, because they are being reserved for this hour, to see the true sons of God birthed in the earth.

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