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We are a Ministry of Deliverance and Inner Healing believing that God desires to heal men and women, setting them free from deep embedded wounds in their soul. Our mission, in one sentence, is to offer the plan of salvation, healing, deliverance and discipleship, thereby equipping them to prepare for their greatest journey from captivity to freedom.

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God transformed Bonjie’s life in 1982, where she was emotionally wounded by things that happened in her life. God began to give her a vision to start an Inner Healing and Deliverance School based upon her journey, she wrote a 21 week mentoring course.

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A Journey from Captivity to Freedom

The main thrust of her ministry is to teach people how to be healed from shame based thinking. This course will teach you how to partner with God for a breakthrough, and how to get rid of shame and toxic guilt. You will learn how to set healthy bounderies, break unhealthy soul ties, and forgive others that have hurt and wounded you.

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Door of Hope Ministries has postponed the Louisiana Conference in October.  Please check back soon!


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