A special thank you for those who helped Door of Hope Healing School

Locations where classes have been held:

Church of the Living Water, Deer Park, Texas
His Hands Church, Boerne, Texas
Fairmont Park Church, Belfast Rd, LaPorte, Texas
Fairmont Christian Center, Fairmont Parkway, Pasadena, Texas

   Past Supporters of Door of Hope Ministries

Thank you to all our Supporters
Fairmont Park Church: Pastors Wayne and Nancy Spears
Auto Zone
Sheer Image Beauty Salon
San Jacinto Cosmetology College
HoustonBusinessPublishing.com: Ken & Lisa Unfried
The Chocolate Flower Shop
Casa Ole
Texas Wellcare
Flowers & Company
Bobby Leggit
Gilbert Martinez
Bobby & Karen Watt
Darlene Brown
Vanessa Moreno
Rainstorm Studios: Michael Unfried
Clarence Wernecke
Mishler & Associates Counseling & Education:
CEO Dr. Silvia Michler ThD LCDC